In an era marked by strategic collaboration under the USMCA trade agreement and the High-Level Economic Dialogue, we are forging a new path to prosperity. Alongside the United States, we aim to catalyze the growth of the semiconductor industry in Mexico. Through the development of talent in top-tier institutions and technical training in the industry, we are turning a visionary agreement into tangible progress. This joint effort seeks to consolidate this sector and find new growth opportunities in North America.

Semiconductor Alliance Mexico

In partnership with the Iberoamerican Technology Foundation and leading Mexican universities, we have launched a unique initiative. This unprecedented collaborative effort aims to enhance workforce development within Mexico's semiconductor industry and facilitate cooperation with U.S. counterparts. By uniting diverse expertise and resources, we're establishing a distinctive foundation for regional growth and innovation, ensuring the dynamic expansion of the semiconductor industry through strategic alliances.

The Semiconductor Alliance Mexico is organizing its first conference in Guadalajara, Mexico in June 2024, hosted at the Universidad de Guadalajara.

We want to be the connection between key stakeholders from the Semiconductor Industry Academia, and the US and Mexico governments to identify opportunities that integrate the value chain in North America with workforce development initiatives.

Opportunities for Supply Chain Integration in the Semiconductor industry in North America

  • FDI in the Semiconductor industry in Mexico.
  • Soft landing of international suppliers in Mexico.
  • Supplier development in Mexico for the semiconductor industry

Workforce development in the Semiconductor industry in North America

  • Talent development in Higher Education Institutions.
  • Technical training for the Semiconductor industry.

Collaboration frameworks in the semiconductor sector in North America

Semiconductor Members


Together, we're paving the way for a brighter future in the semiconductor industry in Mexico and North America.